Electronic components automatically assembled with SMD technology

  • Technical Office
  • Industrialization
  • 4 SMD production lines
  • MSL management and climate testing
  • ISM management of materials through unique code
  • Components traceability
  • 100% AOI-3D and X-RAY inspections
  • Quality control

The department is subject to continued investments, made up of 4 multiple homogeneous production lines, it’s characterized by an extraordinary operational flexibility and high productivity.

The lines are powered by automated loaders, printing machines, P&P machines, reflow ovens, optical inspections and unloaders for the discharge of the line circuits through the use of antistatic racks with-out manipulations.

The department is totally interconnected, which allows, through laser marking of the pcbs using Qrcodes, the management of the traceability of the individual component.

SMT lines are able to support the production of over components per day. Moreover, being interconnected to the automatic warehouses and to the management software, they’re able to maintain a constant control over the assembled and non assembled materials, registering the traceability figures on dedicated servers and ensuring the correct monitoring of the volumes of materi-als stored and therefore on time purchases, without any surpluses.

The flexibility of the department allows the production with very high MOQ for automotive customers, but also unitary productions for clients in the military and avionic sectors.


Electronic components manually assembled using traditional technology

  • Technical service
  • Selective welding and solder wave method
  • Complete, mechanic and plastic assemblies
  • CFC-Free PCB Wash
  • Quality control
  • EPA Area

The department uses traditional methods to assemble several types of electronic boards thanks to the availability of manual assembly blocks and multiple automatic and selective welding stations.

The aim of the department is to minimize human error, there is a continuous study of the process be-hind every product, with particular focus on ROHS management and resources protection.

A department equipped to deal with complex assemblies allows the realization of electronic devices with plastic and mechanic assemblies, including the production of finished products, packaged and ready for distribution.

The flexibility of the department is a key point, being able to react promptly to the customer’s requests as effectively as possible.


  • AOI-3D 100% Check
  • X-Ray Control
  • Automatic testing and functional tests – ICT/FCT
  • Functional testing through dedicated JIG
  • Final inspections processes IPC-A-610

The experience gained in its many years of operation has enabled single-member Co-El a socio unico to achieve very high levels of quality.

The manufacturing processes involve three important checkpoints:

1. Verification of assembly before welding (statistical control following sampling plans)
2. Optical check of components and welding (unitary inspection)
3. Final technological check (statistical control following sampling plans)

The testing department is able to verify the production, in its entirety, carrying out all the necessary test in order to guarantee the reliability of the product. Using spea in-line and stand-alone equipment, the company offers the widest range of testing, from bed of nails with dedicated fixtures to flying probes with programs developed by technical experts. Experienced personnel perform functional tests upon specific JIG provided by the customer.


Selective coating with acrylic or siliconic resins

Coating is a process with which a product is covered with a “plastic” film needed for protection against several environmental and atmospheric agents that could affect the full functionality of the electronic boards.

Using specific equipment, Co-El a socio unico performs conformal coating with acrylic or silicone resins on large or specific areas of assembled pcbs.

Depending on the intended field of use of the product it is necessary to identify the type of material required. Co-El a socio unico uses only materials supplied by industry leaders.


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