A qualified team with extensive experience operates with the aim of identifying alternative sources and products, carrying out framework agreements and direct purchases from the manufacturing industry leaders, thus guaranteeing efficiency and promptness across the supply chain.

The main goal is an efficient supply of materials in regards to the production time, keeping the level of warehouse stored materials in check and avoiding obsolescence among the latter.

The management system (MRP), the automated warehouses and the department production lines are closely interconnected in order to share fundamental data regarding the material’s management, such as the production orders, the product’s BOM and potential feedback.

The materials management system has been unified for all of Co-El’s a socio unico customers, whether they are in c/full or c/production, unifying the process of materials management and production orders. The materials are stored in semi-automatic antistatic warehouses managed by a software able to opti-mize extractions and eliminate losses caused by human error.

MSL materials are stored in special cabinets fitted with temperature and humidity control scanners, preventing potential problems caused by adverse climate conditions.

PCBs, THT components, wiring, electromechanical parts and plastic or metal components are instead allocated in a large dedicated warehouse equipped with several rotating storehouses identified by regis-tered positions on the management system.


The incoming goods are registered through automatic instrumentation that uses MN part number recog-nition, which assigns a unique code to every package, thus creating the foundation for the component’s traceability.

Thanks to interconnected systems every single component fitted on every single PCB is registered.

Upon customer’s request it’s possible to manage production data which has been registered during the manufacturing process for up to 3 years. It is therefore possible to trace the production history of each circuit board and the individual components assembled in Co-El a socio unico.


Technical service characterized by capable and experienced resources that study the features of the product and the feasibility of the production processes requested by the client.

The continuous study of the business processes makes achieving high levels of efficiency and quality possible, optimizing machine programs and monitoring their performances.

Receiving CAD data from the client allows, through the use of special software, the development of monitoring programs and tests, as well as the possibility of sharing Gerber files with the suppliers for the purpose of designing silkscreen sheets and appropriate equipment for the production process.

In the event of samples or new productions, the technical office is able to assist the client throughout all the stages of the product’s manufacturing and improve the process, granting an important support during the industrialization phase of the product.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment available it’s possible to create debug and testing programs for several types of products.


Colber was born from the need to offer our clients competitive production prices in regards to tradi-tional assembly and electric testing of products that require a significant labour intervention.

The activity is carried out with total supervision by the Co-El a socio unico Management, which is committed to the maintenance of customer requirements in total transparency and cooperation. The company is located in the industrial area of Hunedoara, in Romania, in a 2400 square meter ware-house where approximately 45 employees work.

The SMD assembly department is equipped with a complete line of assembly, welding and visual con-trol over the series production. The PTH assembly department is fitted with equipment that allows shaping components and two wave welding machines for Rohs type productions.

The testing department is able to carry out automatic electric tests using Spea’s flying probes and bed of nails machines with dedicated fixtures.

Moreover, electromechanical productions of finished, tested and packaged products are always ready to be placed on the market.


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