Former order of the Privacy Guarantor No. 231 of June 10, 2021

  • Introduction: what are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on the user’s computer or mobile device as the user visits it.

Information encoded in cookies can include personal data, such as an IP address, user name, unique identifier, or e-mail address, but it can also contain non-personal data, such as language settings or information about the type of device a person is using to browse the site.

Cookies can perform important and diverse functions, including tracking sessions, storing information about specific configurations regarding users accessing the server, facilitating the enjoyment of online content, etc.

The same result can also be achieved through the use of other tools (e.g., fingerprinting, i.e., that technique of identifying the device used by the user through the collection of all or some of the information related to the specific configuration of the device itself adopted by the data subject) that allow for processing similar to the above.

Classification of cookies

Cookies and other tracking tools can have different temporal, subjective, or functional characteristics:

  • Persistent cookies are saved on the user’s computer and are not automatically deleted when the browser is closed, unlike session cookies, which are deleted when the browser is closed. Session cookies consist of random numbers generated by the server to enable safe and efficient exploration of the site.
  • First-party cookies are cookies created by the site the user is visiting: only that site can read them. A website may also use external services that create their own cookies, called third-party cookies;
  • Technical cookies are required by some computer systems and are necessary for the proper functioning of some web pages. Consent is not required for these cookies.
  • Statistical cookies are used in order to facilitate the navigation of the site, improve its usability, and learn about the content of greatest interest to users.
  • Profiling cookies are used to trace back to specific, identified or identifiable subjects specific actions or recurring behavioral patterns in the use of the offered functionalities in order to group the different profiles within homogeneous clusters of different amplitudes, so that it is possible to modulate the provision of the service in an increasingly personalized manner beyond what is strictly necessary for the provision of the service, as well as to send targeted advertising messages, i.e. in line with the preferences manifested by the user in the context of web browsing.
  • Ownership of the treatment

The Data Controller of any personal data processed by means of cookies is Westcar S.r.l. with registered office in Via Monte Rosa, 14 – 20149 Milan (MI) – Tax Code 00678420126 and VAT number 11479580158, mail:, in the person of its legal representative pro tempore.

  • Type of personal data processed

Currently, the website does not use any kind of cookies for statistical analysis and/or profiling for advertising purposes. The only cookies installed are technical cookies that ensure the normal functionality of the site and do not involve the processing of users’ personal data.

3.1) Social platforms

Co-El S.r.l., a single-member company, administers, mainly for the purpose of information and promotion of corporate activities its own open profile at :

When accessing the aforementioned social pages, personal data of users are collected by the operators of each social network through cookies installed on the social page itself for statistical purposes, as well as user analysis and profiling. Although said data are not collected directly by the company it remains Co-Processor of the same for the part of them whose processing is made by the social network operator usable to the same page administrator for the purpose of optimization of the individual social page administered.

You can consult the respective privacy and cookie policies of the social network operators and check how to restrict the application of unnecessary cookies.

  • Cookie Management

You can decide whether or not to consent to the installation of cookies by using your web browser settings. However, not all features of may remain operational if one or more cookies are disabled (navigation cookies are in fact essential for the basic functionality of the site). The settings for this choice can be checked and changed in the browser’s preferences window. Once you have selected the browser you intend to use, in the list below, you can read about how to change your cookie settings.